Hitler’s Effect On Mankind

Adolf Hitler and his singular impact as a human being on the course of human history will long be a factor for students, academics, theologians, and Holocaust scholars. Was Adolf Hitler a misguided zealot, a dangerous schizophrenic, a hysteric mani-depressive, or worse? What explanation can history offer to explain not only the existence of Adolf Hitler, but the social reaction and social interaction his life will be remembered for?


Adolf Hitler summons to the casual scholar a granite bunker inside a failing city, a coast of rubble and freezing forests, the immense human costs of death to bring events to an end, the toll on the collective psyche of the human race as a response. The name of Hitler’s bunker is known to every schoolchild, the militant aggressiveness of the brownshirts is remembered, and the totalitarian theat of the S.S. form much of the current philosophy of police science today.


Many allege that Adolf Hitler was not a criminal, but a true German, asserting imperialistic rights to govern the world through military aggression. Others claim his failed career as an artist shaped a fantasy of revenge towards his father, and Germany later represented his father . How could one man shape a country, and how could one man lead a country is such a disastrous direction to cause world war and millions of deaths?


Adolf Hitler and his Reich instituted the kind of cultural change and permanent stamp upon world history that it may never be the same. That the influence, and what an influence, of a man like Adolf Hitler might rise to command world powers would have been unthinkable in any other age. The symbols of the Swastika, the regime of National Socialism, the transparency of Hitler’s ambitions and the employment of mob rule, scare tactics and a guerilla state will always be part of the Germany national history going forward.


The change in Germany herself would be forever marked. Bombed cities, architectural marvels, philosophic singularities, military victories, and the contrast between grandiose visions of superiority and negative instances of exaggerated misanthropy would forever mark Hitler’s reign in Germany and the story of his rise to power. Under Hitler’s direct sponsorship, Germany would rise to become a world power inches away from world domination.


The military aggressions of the World War that Hitler brought about have ramifications today. The invasion of Denmark, the demi-conquest of France, the attempted conquering of Britain from the air and the Western World’s concerted military response are forever living in today’s global military alliances. United States of America and United Kingdom are staunch allies, war reparations and historical redress have humbled postwar Germany for the second cycle in one century.


Not since Napoleon and Alexander the Great had one man dared to define world events in accordance with his wishes. The technological breakthroughs, the technical prowess and engineering efficiency of the Germans aided their cause. Such is the power of the Hitler iconography that movies and books have spouted wild theories about his regeneration, his Final Solution, His Fifth Column, or some kind of revisitation of the Hitler regime from beyond the grave.

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  1. This is obsurd. it is all incorrect and you do not know anything about hitler. just take down this page and make a new one or many people will get the wrong idea. and the holocaust is where hitler raped 100s of women to have a bloodline. Just redo the entire page


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