The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

If someone were to come into the schoolyard and ask who the biggest bully was, and then proceed to , Hitler was groomed from then on as the only son.tell you how they would grow up to rule the world, cause a world war, cause tens of millions of deaths and put a lasting national heritage to shame, would you believe it? Could you believe it?


That’s what would have happened if you were a kindergarten teacher in the year of 1895 or so. But Hitler’s older brother was soon to die, and as reality if his will wasn’t followed. make him the primary focus of both parents. Were as a more indolent child might have been more rigorously disciplined, or even excused from civic administration for an artistic career. Yes, Hitler did grow up to have a civic administration position.


Hitler appointed himself the civic administrator of all Germany. He did this by persuading those around him that they had to act on the basis of fears he instilled in them, and they need to act because he seemed to have some untold yet threatening power to unleash those fears as some kind of manifested reality. At some point Hitler might have paused on the brink, he might have looked over his shoulder. Why was humanity willing to pay such a price to assuage one man’s ego and follow his orders?


Hitler was smart enough to see that people wanted to do the other things that those which were done lawfully and legally, and he was able to craft a government and a policy around a slate of practices he had laced together from a handful of national Socialist meetings. The Domino effect grew larger and larger, until it grew into a social paradox too tempting for Hitler to ignore.


Hitler had no grand family ties, like the Caesars. He did not have a grand noble marriage to flaunt and exploit. The greatest criminal humanity has known in the twentieth century was a half-forgotten bohemian juvenile whose father too young for him to have had his oubliette and move on. In fact, by the end of the World War II, Hitler’s only close “friends” were similarly hollow public figures, paper doll men whose private life and public work cantilevered a conscience fraught with birfurcated logic.


How could the Germans be proud of any regime of government built on the backs of killing millions of innocent people? If Hitler had won the day in Europe and absorbed England, what would have been his ultimate end? America simply would have followed through on an Imperialist course, and continued trading and doing business with German corporations and manufacturers as they had during the war.

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